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18451 W IL Route 120 Grayslake IL 60030    |    Phone (847) 223-0150    


Q. Can we bring our pet’s food?


A. Absolutely!  In fact, we recommend that you do.  

Q. Should we bring treats and toys for our pet? 


A. You are welcome to bring treats and up to 2 toys for your pet.  We also provide beds and cots to all customers at no additional charge. All toys must be approved at time of check in.  We do not allow any items that can be a choking hazard.  If you are unsure of your toys safety, please call us ahead of time.

Q. Are the kennels heated and air conditioned?


A. Yes they are!  In addition to being climate controlled, we also have fresh air exchangers in all kennels. This allows fresh air to be brought into our kennels at all times.

Q. Can I have someone drop off or pick up my dog for me?


A. Yes you can!  We ask that you provide us with their name before they pick up. We will not release your pet without your authorization.  You can have someone drop off your pet, but please make sure they know if you want any additional services when checking in (day camp, bathing etc.).  If it is your first time dropping off, we will need someone over the age of 18 to sign the boarding contract on your behalf.

Q. Should I bring their food and water bowls?


A. No, we will provide all food and water bowls to the animals in our care.

Q. What shots are required for boarding?


A. For dogs, Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) are required.  We strongly recommend having the dog vaccinated for the canine flu, and suggest you speak to your veterinarian about whether your dog is a candidate.  Please make sure pets are current on Heartworm and Flea and Tick preventatives as well.




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